A Developmental Approach

Investigative and Personalized Learning.
Children’s interests are used as the predominant means for learning experiences alongside explicit teaching of skills and understandings in literacy and numeracy. Children’s interests are expanded, scaffolded and supported as a means of ongoing engagement in particular learning areas.

The Corpus Christi school community is committed to providing a 21st Century education for children. The school bases it’s pedagogy around the (WLA). The philosophy and pedagogy of the WLA from Foundation to Year 6 is based on student empowerment, engagement and ownership alongside teacher direction, scaffolding and instruction. Corpus Christi has a clear whole school philosophy that guides the practice of all staff working within the school community, based on meeting the identified needs of our students.

The WLA pedagogy is the “how” of all teaching and reflects the philosophy of the school. The WLA is a pedagogy that creates independent and resilient learners who are motivated to take ownership of their learning. Teachers support students to achieve their academic best through investigative and personalised learning.

The WLA is a holistic framework that looks at the learning and development of the ‘whole child’. The Developmental Domains – Emotional, Social, Cognitive, Language and Physical are an important element of the approach and are visually displayed in the classroom as fortnightly learning intentions (goals), as well as being posted online. The developmental domain learning intentions are highly specific so that measurement can be recorded during the teacher’s observations.