Our Philosophy

At Corpus cybersafety is strongly embedded within our whole school wellbeing focus and the school has as a priority to educate all community members about the safe and responsible use of technologies.


ESmart is an initiative of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. In December 2016 we became an accredited esmart school, and that means that our policies, procedures and curriculum is up to date and current.

Our Cybersafety Curriculum

Cybersafety is not taught as a few one-off lessons. Instead, it is embedded within our “Wellbeing” and “Relationships” Curriculum units, which are explored in Term One of each year, as well as our whole school priorities around Wellbeing.

As well as having ongoing education about being safe and responsible, every year the school particpates in World Safer Internet Day (the first Tuesday in February). Students have participated in various learning opportunities, including creating posters and videos, creating cybersafety hints for the school newsletter, participating in whole-school drama incursions, and having guest speakers. The school has had the ACMA Outreach program presenting sessions for students, staff and parents, and in 2018 students participated in Kids Helpline cybersafety webinars.