About Our School

We recognise the traditional owners of country and pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

Corpus Christi is a Catholic primary school, with an enrolment of around 200 students. We are a culturally inclusive community, with students coming from many rich and diverse cultural backgrounds. We aim for each student to develop deep understandings about themselves, others and the contemporary world in which we live.

I just love the sense of community that is encompassed at Corpus Christi. All the staff and parents are very friendly and the students are respectful and polite. Thank you to the staff for instilling these values into our children.

– Andrea, mother of James

Our Vision

Corpus Christi is a Catholic Parish Primary School community, where Catholic values permeate the environment, relationships and the whole school community. Our primary function is to live out the mission of our Church through education in faith. We recognise that faith is a gift, which needs nurturing and developing. We aim to support individuals on their faith journey.

As a school community we aim to:

Foster the development of all staff and students to their full potential: spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.

  • Provide a learning environment that challenges and stimulates the children through a range of learning experiences.
  • Provide a physical environment that is safe, secure and stimulating.
  • Recognise and affirm all individuals within our school community.
  • Foster positive relationships between staff, students and parents, through mutual respect in an atmosphere of tolerance, trust and honesty.
  • Foster a collaborative relationship with the wider school community.
  • Provide staff with the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally.
  • Members of staff aim to develop a collaborative working environment, which enhances our professional practices.


  • Promote an individual student’s physical, academic, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development, ensuring the development of self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Reflect the Gospel values of tolerance, justice and acceptance of others; – these values being the essence of a Catholic Community identity
  • Engage learners through a wide variety of learning opportunities, incorporating state of the art technology to enrich the learning environment
  • Recognise that as life-long learners, our curriculum is designed around an Inquiry approach, where deep understandings are developed alongside knowledge and skills needed to succeed in our contemporary world
  • Emphasise the importance of developing Literacy and Numeracy skills
  • Foster a learning partnership between student, family and school

We offer:

  • A welcoming and inclusive community
  • A rich and comprehensive curriculum
  • A variety of learning opportunities and events
  • An emphasis on developing community wellbeing